Unemployment in South Africa


    In stark contrast with European countries like the UK, there is besides UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund), no Social Security Support or counselling for the Unemployed in South Africa. The effects of being unemployed is devastating and not only on economical level, but both physical and phsychological. It effects the whole family and community, not just the unemployed persons.

No income leads to lack of a sufficient diet, while others don't even eat everyday at all. This can lead to serious health issues. Desperate to survive, some people turn to crime, drugs, alcohol and prostitution, which contributes to decline in dignity, moral values and self respect. 

Phsychologically, unemployment can lead to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, social isolation, anger, low concentration, fear, despair and hostility, just to mention a few. Suicide and family murders are higher under the unemployed. 

Phsychological effects can have damaging implications. We have to show compassion and empathy to those in need. Listen if someone needs to talk, an encouraging word can make a huge difference. Just remember, it can happen to you!


Million RSA Population

Available Workforce

Workforce Unemployed

South Africa Ruined by CRIME

Unemployment Statistics

Resources:  STATS SA released June 2017

Unemployed Graduates7.3%
Unemployed with no matric33.1%
Ages 15-34 Unemployed Youth38.6%
Unemployed and never worked before44%
Unemployed for longer than a year65%

Never Ever Give Up! - NEGU


Life happens. Your life can completely change in a second. Things happen that you are not prepared for, never asked for and mostly don't deserve. We have to learn and adjust as soon as possible. Some may cope, others don't. Your Life is precious and you are capable of much more than you may realise. Only when we think we can't go on anymore, that we discover how strong we really are.

If you are unemployed at the moment, Don't Give Up! This is time for introspection. You may have talents that you can utelize and start a small business. Doesn't matter how small, and no idea is stupid. Not everybody thinks like an entrepreneur, but in many cases, people started something out of pure desperation, And It Worked! Maybe you should try it? Any small income is better than no income.

In the meantime, Keep on searching, keep on applying for work. Make sure your CV is updated, check your spelling and layout. Make sure your email and contact details are correct. Don't lie on your CV, never! Don't ever be shy to ask for advice. Good Luck!



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