We have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline! All our projects will focus on not just the individual, but families as a unit and involve the community on all levels. Our main goal is to support Job Creation Projects from Grassroot level. Encourage entrepreneurship and support specific, target related skills training. This will be combined with taking care of the overall well-being of the individual, phsychological and physical. Personal growth includes restoring of hope, dignity, self-worth, trust and moral values. Working together for a better future, showing we care, because that's what Heroes do!

As a Nonprofit Organisation we depend on funding, memberships, donations and fundraising events. Positive recreational activities are extremely important. All our events will therefore involve those that normally, due to circumstances, never gets the opportunity to have fun and laugh even for just one day. We have a lot of work to do in order to achieve our goals and our dreams, we therefore need your support on all levels. Please donate and support our goals. Thank you!

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We Need An AcTion Centre!

    For our concept to be effective, we need the right premises, an Action CentreA platform where everyone have a fair chance, regardless of age, race, gender, education, rich or poor. Encourage, initiate and implement Job Creation on Grassroots level. Anybody is welcome to come to us with questions, ideas, proposals and samples. Have discussions, consultations and specific skills training.

We want to ACTBe ACTIVE and MAKE Things Happen! 

There's more, because no hungry person can be creative, nor can you think when you are emotionally broken and hurt. We will have support groups, where the abused feel safe and the vulnerable protected. We care, that's what Heroes do! A place where Humanity counts. Personal interaction is vital. For those involved, we will support the transition process back to life in normal society.

It is true, you can start something with nothing, but sometimes, you just need a little support!

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Destitute Single Woman needs protection from horrific circumstances.

Safe Haven for Destitute Single Woman

    Research have shown there is a shocking lack in support for Destitute Single Woman without children. Many are educated and highly skilled, but unemployment and no support resulted in them ending up homeless, on the streets. Facing a struggle day after day, where to clean, what to eat, where to sleep. They end up being used, abused, exploited by people who “offered to help”, assaulted, used as drug induced prostitutes and most dangerously are victims of Human Trafficking. This is unacceptable and South Africa unashamedly has a very bad reputation of abuse, rape and murder against woman which seems to escalate by the day. It is devastating to our nation.

All woman deserves to be treated with respect, regardless her situation. Woman are the pillars of any society. A world without woman is unimaginable. They are the carers of our nation. A woman is not less a woman just because she doesn’t have children. To be alone, afraid and vulnerable out on the streets is a horror that no woman should experience. We need to act on their behalf.

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Community working together

Pillars of Society – Contact Points

    Our concept requires that we have a contact chain in order to be more efficient. We are community focused and to be effectively involved we are now in the process of establishing Contact Points throughout South Africa. Its not an office, nor a branch of the Organization, but a Contact Point.

    The Pillars of our Communities. Carefully chosen people that will represent our Organization in specific key areas.These people will play a vital role in the whole concept.

    They will have authority to collect and distribute donations of food, clothing and other items from their premises to those in need. Projects and events can be initiated from there, and any items needed for projects will be distributed via these contact points. Honesty, Loyalty, Trust, Integrity and excellent human relations are the main criteria. People with criminal records, will not be accepted. To apply, you have to be a registered member of Heroes 4 Action with a valid member number, must have initiative and be able to work independently.

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    This is the day to Recognise, show Appreciation and say Thank You to our local Community Heroes. People can so easy ask and recieve, but rarely do we recognise the small things others give and do on a daily basis. A day when the Community can come together, get to know each other, advertise your business, show your talents, and meet your local Heroes! A day filled with fun, where Everybody is Welcome! Special involvement for those who, due to circumstances, can't afford to enjoy themselves. Entertainment will be for all age groups. Depending on the Community, this may be a one or two day event. The event will end with a Special Ceremony where certificates will be issued to every nominated local Hero! 

     This is for our Communities, and Anyone is welcome to participate and come forward with suggestions, applicable to your Community, in your area. Heroes 4 Action have a unique approach, and wants to introduce new, unusual and interesting activities to our people. Funds raised will be used to start needed projects for that specific Community. Our aim is to eventually make this an annual event in communities throughout South Africa. Bring UBUNTU Back, Get Involved!

Anyone interested please Contact us.

Heroes snacks

In the Pipeline!

    As part of Job Creation we have decided to develop and manufacture our own products. All proceeds of our own projects will go back to the communities to support other projects.

All employees will be selected from members on our database.

    Just like any respectable Hero, we want our very own magic potion and snack, healthy and filling. The other products we look at, amongst others, are clothing, accessories and other necessities that will improve the lives of our people. We want YOU to tell us what you want! We would love to hear your feedback! Please note the packages are just illustrations and not the final products.

What products do YOU think a Hero should have?

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