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Heroes 4 Action is a Non-profit, Non-political, Non-racial Organisation that strongly upholds the Constitution of South Africa and Basic Human Rights. 

We believe everybody deserves a fair chance in life and that is exactly what we want to give. A fair chance. If you can’t do it, at least support those who can and want to. Give them the tools, give them the opportunity!  It doesn't matter who creates a job, what matters is, a Job Is Created!

Heroes 4 Action saw the need in support for talented people on foot level that are able to Create Jobs from Grassroots level. It is not enough to just hand out food parcels today and tomorrow the people are forgotten again. Hundreds of talented people lost everything due to unemployment and circumstances out of their control. Funding is not easily available and minority groups are completely excluded. We want to support every single person who have the potential, will and determination to Create a Job.

Mission Statement:

By Empowering Woman and Youth in communities, we want to uplift the poor, abused, vulnerable and destitute, restore dignity and self-worth, increase moral values and improve life in general. Give everyone a fair chance in life, regardless of age, race, gender, education, rich or poor.

The Organisation’s main objective is Welfare and Humanitarian improvement:

Our main goal is to support Job Creation Projects from Grassroots level. Encourage Entrepreneurship and support specific, target related skills training. This will be combined with taking care of the overall well-being of the individual, psychological and physical. Personal growth includes restoring of hope, dignity, self-worth, trust and moral values. We interact on a personal level and also support those involved in projects with the transition back to life in normal society. This will include counselling and support groups where needed. Working together for a better future, showing we care, because that's what Heroes do!

The Organisation’s secondary objectives includes:

• Work in collaboration with other Organisations that, amongst other, deals with access of basic needs to households, like food, water, clothing and health support.
• Engage with Companies and private persons for, but not limited to, skills training, personal development, funds and projects in order to achieve the objectives
• Collaborate with Governmental Departments for support in reaching of the Organisation’s Social Development goals.
• Involvement in several Public Benefit Activities (PBA) who will each form part of the overall concept.

Final Word:

We will not tolerate any racism, get invovled in or allow any criminal activities, we oppose any harm done in any way to other persons, animals, nature or property. Anybody may register, however, if a persons' actions are in contrast with our values, we reserve the right to accept, deny or terminate any membership.

“ The strength of a country, is in the health of its society”