Job Creation on Grassroots level

     South Africa 1994, a once Beautiful Country with a colourful Rainbow Nation filled with hopes and dreams. 2017, now a Country degraded to junk status, a Government captured. Trillions of rands stolen, money that was meant to improve the lives of our people. South Africa has a population of minimum 60 million people. That excludes the minimum 7 million legal and illegal immigrants. From a workforce of 16,2 million, 9.6 million people are unemployed. More people now receive Government grants than there are people employed and the Government will soon not be able to sustain those grants. Except for Government grants, minority groups are completely cut off and excluded from funding and support. South Africa is now in a technical recession, with financial growth of just 0.5% and our colourful rainbow is fast fading to grey. 

Heroes 4 Action, is a Non-political, Non-racial, Non-profit Organisation and we cannot ignore the devastating impact unemployment has on the Welfare and Humanitarian needs of our people. It is our moral obligation to act immediately and include everybody regardless of age, race, gender, education, rich or poor. We can no longer wait for opportunities, we have to Create Them!

 Support Job Creation on Grassroots Level - Everyone deserves a fair chance!

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